Different Styles Of Emotions And Emotions

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For starters, as an adult, we have different emotional styles when situations arise or events trigger certain emotions. There are four different styles of emotions which include: suppressing your emotions, capitulating your emotions, over expressing your emotions, or accommodating your emotions. Individuals who suppress their feelings have developed this strategy over their lifetime. When an individual suppresses their feelings towards an event, they may do so by sidetracking themselves and taking on another task or responsibility instead of dealing with their feelings. This may seem normal to the suppressing person, but it is an unhealthy way to deal with life events and the emotions that come along with it. Next, capitulating to…show more content…
Overall, being aware of which emotional style we use is beneficial to maintaining a well-balanced emotional state of mind. To follow, there are many positive and negative events that take place while we are growing up. Some events include family activities or events in elementary, intermediate or playing on a volleyball or baseball team. Events we face throughout our lives, help to shape our growth and personal persona. Although there may be many positive memories an individual may keep, we also store negative memories of past events. These events that we perceive can shift and sculpt an individual’s development and create memories in which are stored in our memory as unconscious influences. For example, a child who was bullied in elementary will store the feelings they may have felt at the time. Feelings such as fear, anger, or resentment. When this child reaches adulthood, they still carry this memory with them, and unconsciously their memories will surface when the individual experiences a similar situation with another person at work or in their personal life. All those past feelings of fear, anger, or resentment can resurface and bring forth a flash flood of memories and feelings that this individual once felt while being bullied in elementary. Furthermore, being aware of these feelings when they surface and why they are resurfacing
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