Different Styles Of Parenting Styles

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According to the New York Metro Parents, a website that combines nine regional print magazines in New York’s Metropolitan areas, several studies of babies left to cry in their rooms show that parents can’t love a child too much. Ferberized children tend to grow up to be extremely successful later in life. These children grow up to be tomorrow’s doctors, firefighters, and millionaires of Silicon Valley. (Hogan and Haskell, 2). Most of today’s kids have one of the following types of parents: Indulgent, Authoritative, Neglectful, Authoritarian*. These are generally regarded as the four main types of parenting. These four styles of parenting are the stereotypical parenting styles most people identify one or both of their parents as. Indulgent parents tend to coddle their children and protect them from disappointment. Authoritative parents are people who have reasonable demands and rules usually met by children who respond well and listen to them. Though they have high expectations, these parents’ children tend to meet or exceed the expectations due to the resources the parent’s provide. These parents are known by some children as the “golden guardians.” They are what every parent who has ever purchased a parenting book strives to become. Authoritarian parents have extremely high expectations that are almost impossible to meet and very strict rules that must be followed unconditionally. These adults are the origin of parental nicknames such as “Scary Gary” and “Evil…
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