Different Task Related And Relationship Orientated Attitudes And Behaviors Within Leadership

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There are many different task-related and relationship-orientated attitudes and behaviours within leadership that are important to identify in a leadership portfolio. Some of these attitudes and behaviours that I demonstrated this week consisted of concentrating on the strengths of group members, ability to ask tough questions, giving emotional support and being a servant leader (DuBrin, 2015). Concentrating on the strengths of group members consists of drawing on current skills group members already have. This allows for individual to thrive in setting they are comfortable in while working on aspect they need work on. (DuBrin, 2015). I applied concentrating on the strengths of the group while working on a group paper. Dividing up work based on individual skill and interest. A kinesiology student worked on finding an article because she has a background in research. Another student felt strongly about her ability to format the paper and reference the sources. A couple other students worked on critically analyzing the article as they have previous experience with this. The group worked very well together creating a successful article analysis. Everyone was able to build on their strengths and offer ideas in areas they felt weak in.

Ability to ask touch questions refers to asking questions that require group members to think. (DuBrin, 2015). I led a meeting at The Club regarding upcoming events. I got the members to come up with outings they would like to do. They had to…
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