Different Teaching Methods

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Teaching Methods In order to create a classroom wherein I can efficiently interact with my students, I will utilize the tools which have been endorsed by my fellow teachers throughout the nation. The most important thing in the teacher-student relationship is developing a rapport based on mutual respect and mutual understanding. I will earn this dynamic by communicating and interacting both with my students and with their family members. Identify and Describe: Three methods you would like to implement in your classroom in an effort to build positive relationships with your students. Getting to know them and expressing interest in them as individuals By getting to know my students as individuals, they will also get to know me. An important part of the classroom setting and the potential for learning has to do with the psychology of the class (Stronge 2007, page 29). Learning about my students beyond just the basics of their names and grade point averages, I can better accommodate their learning style and appeal to their interest level. This will also create a more pleasant dynamic because students will feel that I am not just providing them information, but that there is a duality to the process of learning. Communicating high expectations to all students It is important that students understand what is expected of them from the first day of class. The students tend to either live up or down to expectations (Burke 1995, page 65). Informing them that I expect them
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