Different Theories Can Help Us Describe How The Universe Works

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Different theories can help us describe how the universe works. Many people believe that love is a beneficial aspect of life. Love is a variety of different feelings, states, attitudes, that ranges from the interpersonal affection to pleasure. Although this may be true love can be looked at in many different factors. Love can be considered as the center of the universe that affects the lives of most humans. Dewi Lestari’s Supernova tells the story of two men who fall back in love after ten years of being apart, who come together to write a story about the love between two people, and relating it back to how they think the universe works. The novel first starts off telling us about a man named Ferré, who lived a bland and boring life until…show more content…
Eros love is based on physical traits. It also deals with how we see a person’s ideal beauty. Philos love refers to having love for a companion or friend. It also means appreciating another person and admiring that person. The last type of love is called agape. Agape love refers to you being able to show love without feeling anything at all. In a psychological view, love can be described as how people fall in love. People want to be loved, if they know that they are loved, the feeling is indescribable. Psychologists believe that we should be in love to get the human experience. They also believed that love is composed of three components of love. These components consist of passion, intimacy, and lastly, commitment. Psychologists believe that the amount of love depends on these three components. One psychologist Maslow believed that our love is based on our hierarchy of needs. One part of the hierarchy of needs that was relevant to the psychological theory of love is the sense of love and belongness. Another theory of love that can help describes the universe is looking for love in a philosophical way. Philosophers believe that love is not a choice when it comes to a person’s existence. We as human beings are programmed to love each other. In society, we are taught that we need to find love, and that everyone has a soulmate in this world and we will find the right person to make us complete. One last theory
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