Different Theories Of Communication, Leadership, And Interpersonal Relations Within The Context Of A Toastmasters

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Introduction Toastmasters is a group that seeks to promote communication skills and strategies among those who are interested in developing them, and to build leaders. For this purpose, Toastmasters helps people improve their abilities to communicate by presenting various types of public speeches. It is useful for all type of professionals to gain self-confidence and personal growth. This paper discusses the three distinct but interrelated theories of communication, leadership, and interpersonal relations within the context of a Toastmasters meeting recently held at a Calabasas hospital.
On the evening of this meeting as usual, the agenda was made available to all in attendance. The Toastmaster was introduced, who explained the theme of the meeting and all the components of the group agenda. In all, there were 24 members, not including the two guests and myself. There were three major sections to the meeting: the ice-breaker, the speeches, and the evaluation of the speeches. Following the ice-breaker, three speakers followed who conversed on different topics, none of which actually dealt with the theories to be discussed, however, the interaction of the group illuminated the theories to be discussed here. After the three speeches, the members would take notes about each one separately. Time reports were performed and then members voted on which of the three was the most effective speech performance. The third part of this event was the evaluation of each speaker…
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