Different Theories Of Development Throughout The Lifespan And Challenges Of The Characters Within The Movie, There Will Be

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The purpose of this paper is to explore the different themes and theories of development throughout the lifespan and challenges of the characters within the movie “There Will Be Blood”. Although maturation was the theme held by many theorists in the past as the reason for development, modern developmentalist continue to study the development even though it confronts other significant themes. However, theories of development have varied over time as well as the approach taken by each of the developmental theorist. These theories have two functions, they comprehensively integrate knowledge to account for the development process and provide behavioral predictors for testing. This paper will examine the relationship of Albert Bandura, Urie Bronfenbrenner, and Mary Ainsworth’s theories and how they are applicable to the development of different individuals as they transitions through stages of their life’s and how these theories could be beneficial during counseling and interventions.
Movie Overview
The movie “There Will Be Blood” (Sellar, Anderson, & Lupi, 2007) starts in the year 1898, in the middle of nowhere, with Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day-Lewis) all alone vigorously chiseling away in a chasm he considers a mine, trying to find silver ore while keeping his shotgun near him. He soon uses dynamite to blast the rock and while climbing down he falls and breaks his leg, yet he finds what he is looking for, Silver ore. He then drags himself out of the mine and to surveyor’s…
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