Different Types Of Accountants In The Banking Field

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is will explain us which is the better job to be at.
Accountants in the Banking Field
According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2015), loan officers are workers who work in the banking industry. They are who assist individual or organization to take loans through their association. Loan officers judge loan applicants’ finances to determine their ability to pay back loans. They also advise potential loan applicants on different types of loans, and accept loan application. There are many types of loan officers in a bank, like commercial, consumer, mortgage, loan collection, and loan underwriters.
To become a loan officer most of the time you need a bachelor’s degree in business or finance. This usually take four years of college, but
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Bank auditors in the other hand, according to Banking & Finance Section, they are workers who inspect, analyze, and rate the financial operations and practices of banks. They are in charge that everyone is following the federal regulation and staying in a high ethical standard. They have to be responsible while performing since they are risking their own “business unit, from individual branches, to customer service trust, investments and wealth management, to security and technology.” It is said that auditors perform their task throughout the year in case they get audit and they are prepared. Auditors have to keep their business records for a specified time period. After they get audited they create an audit report describing the information gathered which is then delivered to the person in charge of the business. They have to be very organize people and keep information in managerially place and correct.
Auditors need at least an undergraduate degree in accounting or any related field. Many earn master’s degree since some employers may require for them to have. In every bank, it varies the numbers of years you need to have for experiences. Most like two years of experience before becoming an auditor. Most banks prefer Certified Public Accountants or related certifications. It is said that any auditor that “files a report to the US Securities and Exchange Commission is required to
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