Different Types Of Adult Learning

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Emancipatory Education Project

Emancipatory is among the different types of adult learning. The aim of it is to give freedom to the learners to limit their control and options in their lives and enable them to take actions which bring change to their political and social change. Emancipatory learning emphasizes that the transformation in a learners life can only take place in an adult’s life because it is only in adulthood or adolescence that a person can be caught in his reliving and history (Merriam, 2010). These realities and myths examine the degree to which adult education fulfils the emancipator mission by investigating the practices and beliefs which surrounds the emancipator learning.
Ways in which adult education promotes emancipator learning
Although there is a relationship between adult education and emancipator teachings not all adults promotes it. People who practice adult education have different philosophical beliefs about the purpose and goals of emancipator education, although not all adults who support the belief which leads to emancipatory education. One of the most disturbing question in the society is about the role of adult education and whether adult educators work socially relevant and responsible ways which actively promote continuous societal transformation and perfect participatory freedom which ensure that there is full equality, participation and social justice for all. The model should…
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