Different Types Of Alternative Therapies

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The medical world is the number one industry in the world. We, as a society, are reliant on medicine, surgeries, chemotherapy, and other treatments to help save us from whatever illnesses we are facing. We take a pill for something as little as a headache to taking painkillers to relieve the symptoms of lung cancer. Despite the scientific proof of medical treatments, alternative and complementary therapies on are the rise when it comes to the dying population. In this paper, I will go over the dying patient’s options, why people choose alternative therapy, why others go against t, some different types of alternative therapies, complimentary therapies working alongside hospice, and the harmful effects that alternative therapies may cause. …show more content…

Whether this means staying at home while being surrounded by family and friends or going to live in a hospice house. They are being put into a situation where they can live in a relaxed setting while receiving treatment that helps settle their pain and symptoms. These two decisions are the more common ones in the United States, but there is a third option: alternative and complementary therapy. In times of need, patients may decide to take on different therapies in order to help them with their illness. A person can stop all together with their medical-based treatments and start a new alternative therapy. A patient may also decide to have a complementary therapy alongside their traditional medical treatment. It depends on the doctor, patient, and situation they are in. A common reason why a dying patient begins alternative and complementary therapy is to lessen the side effects of chemotherapy, dialysis, or any other treatments. When dealing with cancer and chemotherapy, there can be nasty side effects. A common example for treating these effects through alternative therapy is taking antioxidants, minerals, or vitamins. Women with breast cancer are a common group to use this form of therapy to overall help them feel restored (Smith, et al., 2014, pg. 2). Another reason for alternative therapy is just to simply feel better. There are many stress factors a dying person goes through. The patient is constantly going

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