Different Types Of Assessments That Have Been Standardized Essay

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There are many different types of assessments that are used during different situations and some during different times during the year. Each assessment has its own uses and also its own ‘rules’, which can be categorized as formal and informal. Formal assessments are assessments usually given through tests and are referred to as standardized tests. Informal assessments are assessments is mostly given in natural settings and include tools such as running records and anecdotal notes. This research paper will focus on formative assessments that have been standardized and will answer the questions of what, why and how. Assessments, based on my understanding, can be simplified into three different areas and each area is essential to the overall success of children as they become adults. The areas are considered to be the ‘purposes of assessment’. The three areas include screening assessment, diagnostic assessment and also instructional assessment. When thinking of using assessments in Early Childhood Education the important key questions to focus on is why, what and how. Why means knowing why an assessment is needed. For what purpose is the assessment being used? What means deciding on what type of assessment should be used, in what situation. First, will it be an informal assessment? Or a formal assessment? And last is how the assessment will be used. This includes the setting, time and the process of the assessment. Understanding the key questions of why, what and how is
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