Different Types Of Braking System Essay

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In this Paper detailed study on ‘Different types of Braking System used in Cars is done. It involves a list of information on the various forms of braking system installed and the mechanism used in different braking systems. Various Parts and components required in an automobile braking system like brake lining, piston, etc is also included. It also gives detailed information on the history of braking system and how the evolution of brakes came up.

Various types of braking system have been discussed. This paper not only focuses on major types of braking system but also other types like- pumping brakes, Dual-Circuit Hydraulic Brakes, etc which are not very famous.

In this paper “Automatic Braking System” has also been discussed which is the future of braking system of our automobiles. This type of braking system reduces human input and uses artificial intelligence to get the car to stop and also ensuring safety. Research work on such kind of braking system can ensure a safer drive.

A brake is a mechanical gadget which hinders movement, abating or halting a moving vehicle or keeping its movement.

Most brakes ordinarily utilize rubbing between two surfaces squeezed together to change over the dynamic vitality of the moving article into warmth, however different routines for vitality transformation may be utilized. For instance regenerative braking changes over a great part of the vitality toelectrical vitality, which may be put away for later

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