Different Types Of Communication Are Used On A Daily Basis Of Care Settings

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Different types of communication are use on a daily basis in care settings. Oral, written, computerised and special methods of communications are used daily. The purpose of communication is to share obtain and exchange ideas and information. Each type of communication is very effective and useful in a health care setting but not all communication skills are needed to be use all at the same time the type of communication used depends on the scenario, for example if the service user is dead and can see the type of communication used would be a special method which may involve sign language. "oral communication is the process of verbally transmitting information and ideas from one individual or group to another" (educationalportal 2015) and can be both informal and formal. Depending on the situation 's health practitioner to be the one to decide whether to approach a service user formally our information depending on the context of the subject matter; the carers’ attitude would also need to change depending on who they are talking to. An example of formal oral communication could involve face-to-face conversations, telephone conversations and interviews. A less approach could be used when asking for me information from another health practitioner, when providing emotional support to patients and clarifying any problems that the service user may have. Most health practitioners prefer to communicate to the patient verbally rather than through written communication as it provides…
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