Different Types Of Conflict In Everyday Use By Alice Walker

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In the story ¨Everyday Use¨ by Alice Walker she uses different types of conflict. She used plot, characteristic, and setting to get her point over. Alice used a mother and her two daughters to tell about the conflict that you should not show favoritism. Alice shows a lot of internal element in this story. Walker has different points of view to make a statement about the family. The story ¨ Everyday, Use¨ Walker uses setting in the story. The setting is at the narrator house with her youngest daughter Maggie. The setting tells about their new house and swept yard. The narrator has flashbacks about when she see´s Maggie in the yard, coming out of the burning house.
The plot in ¨ Everyday Use¨ Walker presents the narrator and her daughter and their
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Dee the oldest has left for school and came back learning to read and has a sense of style of her own. Maggie the youngest is crippled because she was burned by a fire and knows more about the family heritage than anybody else.
The whole story reflects on plot, setting, and characteristic. The narrator tells about her family and how they act. However, her two daughters are very different from each other. The characters have different personalities. The story is showing different types of elements from each character. Walker shows different points of view in the story of “Everyday Use”.
“A yard this is more comfortable than most people know.It is a not just an extended living room. When the hard clay is swept clean as a floor and the fine sand around the edge lined with tiny irregular grooves, anyone who can come and sit and look up into the elm tree and wait that the breezes never come inside the house” ( l. 3-4).
“I am the way my daughter wanted me to be: a hundred pounds lighter, my skin like a uncooked barley pancake, my hair glisten in the hot bright lights. Johnny Carson has much to do to keep up with my quick and witty tongue” ( l.
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