Different Types Of Electric Motors

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Introduction Due to the rising awareness of using green energy, applications of electric motors are expanding widely in motor industry, and different types of electric motors are used in all kinds of applications, such as, the public transportation, electric vehicles, and mechanical fans. Because of the variety of working conditions in distinct application usages, engineers are developing various control theories to meet specific requirements based on different types of power system and motor. Generally, an electric motor is a machine which can transform electrical energy into mechanical energy. According to the power system, we can separate electric current flow into two classifications which are “Direct Current (DC)” and “Alternating Current (AC)”. DC and AC are two different forms of electric current flow, and they are provided and stored in different ways. For example, direct current can be provided by batteries or power supplies, and alternating current can be provided by sockets or generators. Based on using different types of power systems, there are two general categories of electric motors which are DC motors and AC motors. In addition, there are many different structures and functions of stators and rotors in the motor, so engineers develop different control theories to fit specific working situations. This paper is going to explain three control techniques in three aspects, illustrating how they work, exploring their advantages and disadvantages, and their…
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