Different Types Of Foreign Investment

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Pack Your Bags Boys INTRODUCTION The Economy is something that most people are familiar with, but only when the bad news is shoved into the public view, giving economy a bad wrap. However, learning of the American economy and how foreign investments have helped it so far is not actually all that boring. Foreign investments are basically businesses getting cosy with other businesses in different countries. The two or more companies share production, finances, and other aspects of the business world. There are four different types of foreign investment; each addressing a different aspect. Foreign investments can be great for a country, providing jobs and stability to the target country. However, foreign investments can do just the opposite, and take jobs away from willing workers in the host country. The United States stands firmly at the receiving end of foreign investment. It is one of the world’s largest countries, and is one of the top countries to be the target for many companies. Foreign investment is not something to be feared, for it has great advantages such as it creates jobs, it is rather something that should be talked about more so that the public will understand its economy better. WHAT IS FOREIGN INVESTMENT? Foreign investment is when a company in one country takes its business to another country. This technique is often used to expand a business or to diversify a company. Companies have been choosing to do this more and more recently. Foreign investments are

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