Different Types Of Groups Formed For Particular Purposes

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For every organization, there are different types of groups formed for particular purposes. The most common groups are; formal, informal, command groups and committees.
For this particular task, the group was a committee made up of members from different departments within the company. The key players in the committee were drawn from the human resource (HR) assistants/specialists, the HR management, and the hospital director along with other senior hospital administrators. The members mentioned above of the committee where called to discuss and assess issues regarding the reason for the occasional delay in background check investigations within the organization which caused a delay in the hiring process. Members of the management department handle issues regarding how to better manage this process; human resource specialist were called to handle the logistical issues and the assistants handle issues of suppliers and customer while members of the management provide direction and inputs in case of disagreements.
The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss the reason behind the delay in completing background investigations, which had been undergoing problems in recent times. The meeting was meant to figure out what was causing delays in the completion of background checks and find solutions to ensure that the issues were thoroughly dealt with and a lasting solution adopted. The main agenda, of course, being the delays in the process and the steps required to solve the

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