Different Types Of Interviews And Their Respective Characteristics

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7. Describe the different types of interviews and their respective characteristics. What are the advantages and disadvantages?
There are about five different types of interviews used in practice. They are telephone interview, video interview, in person interview, structural panel interview, and group interview.
Telephone interview is usually a quick first-round interview with the function of screening. Through phone interview, interviewer can get a general understanding of candidates’ communication abilities, attitude towards the position and their professional knowledge. The advantages of phone interview are less limitation in geography and effectiveness of time and cost (Rick, 2011). Compared to in person interview, phone interview has
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They may google the answer of specific questions, or even ask somebody else help them to do the interview. I remember the professor shared one strange thing that someone ask several different persons to help her do each round interview! Another major disadvantage is the lack of face expression and body language. Without seeing each other, interviewers cannot read interviewees’ face expression, then make it hard to tell their first reaction. For interviewers phone interview will cause a lot of information missing.
Video interview, also used as a pre-screening tool, is become more and more popular with the widespread of the high- technology. Similar with phone interview, video interview has the advantages of no geography limitations and cost effective. But compared to phone interviews, the limitation of geography becomes lower—video interview can be conducted cross counties and nations. Thus it is more useful regarding international candidates. In terms of cost saving, video interview could help organizations save traveling cost as well as administrative cost (SHRM, 2015).Better than phone interview, video interview enables interviewers see the body language of candidates and their first reaction to every question as well. The drawbacks of this method may exist in the technology itself and the time difference with the candidates. Sometimes the unsteady signals will negatively impact the interview process and make interviewee feel nervous. For international
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