Different Types Of Knowledge : Personal And Shared Knowledge

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There are two types of knowledge: personal and shared knowledge. Within the Human Sciences and the Arts, shared knowledge is defined as a socio-cultural knowledge in which it is set along the lines of values, and cultural mores. Personal knowledge is defined as as individual knowledge acquired through individualised experiences and perspectives. Shared knowledge can have a big impact on our personal knowledge in a way that it can change the way we view the wold or perform our daily actions in life. Thus in both the Human Sciences and the Arts, shared knowledge can shape personal knowledge however, personal knowledge is dominant over shared knowledge. WIthin the Human Sciences, shared knowledge can shape personal knowledge through the Psychology of obedience. Obedience is the compliance with commands given by an authority figure. In 1963, a psychologist named Stanley Milgram did a research study called the Milgram Obedience Study. This study involved forty male volunteers, who participated on an experiment to study the effects of punishment on learning. He assigned each of the subjects to the role of a teacher. Each subject was told that his task was to help another subject learn a list of words. Each time the learner would made a mistake, the teacher was to supposed to give the learner an electric shock ranging from 0 to 400 volts with an increment of 15 volts per mistake. The teacher was told to increase the shock level each time the learner made a mistake, until the
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