Different Types Of Law That Affect Their Business

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1. Introduction

Adams (2008) defines law as a body of rules created by the state. Weatherguard Tiling Solutions Ltd is a tiling manufacturer. There are lots of different types of law that affect their business. This includes Employment law, Contract law, Tort law and EU laws. Keen and Riches (2002) explain that law affects every aspect of our lives; from the laws that govern employment to criminal activity. With the current changes at Weatherguard, they need to apply certain laws to their situations. This essay will examine the different types of law that affects Weatherguard and the implications when this is not followed.
2. Contract Law

When a company employs staff, they must create a contact. This is a binding agreement between employee and employer, included within the contract will be the employee’s job role, holiday entitlement and leaving procedure. Abbott et al (2007) argues that in the eyes of the law, a contract is only legally binding if it is made in return for a promise or act. Weatherguard offers a wage and holiday entitlements, in return for the employee’s skills and labour.
Furthermore, a contract would have been created between suppliers. Sands Ltd and Weatherguard will have a legally binding contract which means it cannot be terminated until it is fulfilled, breached, discharged by frustration or discharged by agreement. Sands Ltd has threatened James to stop supplying Weatherguard because of the falling value of the pound. To prevent this James could…
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