Different Types Of Leadership Styles

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1. Successful leaders typically have the same characteristics; they are dependable, competent, loyal, supportive and they set the example for everyone to see. I think every successful leader follows this philosophy whether they realize it or not. I have worked for several leaders throughout my 21 plus year career and I have seen all different types of leadership styles. I have learned something from every leader I have worked for, whether they were a great leader who I wanted to emulate later on in my career, or the leader that I swore I would never be like. We learn from everyone that we work for, good or bad. 2. Giving positive feedback to people for a job well done is something that is very easy for me to do. I go out of my way to let people know when I think they are doing a good job and publicly recognizing them for their accomplishments. I do my absolute best to the set the example for what I expect out of the people I work with. However, the area that I need to work on the most is “asking for feedback on how my actions affect other people’s performance.” I believe I can improve upon this characteristic with more communication with my workforce. Actively listening to my members when change is being made and understanding the implications of my decisions is important and it should have some influence on the decisions being made. 3. During my Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) survey, I received feedback from members of my current unit on leadership traits
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