Different Types Of Leadership Styles

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Influence, goals, and people is what leadership has been built off of creating variations of different types of leadership traits and styles. Leadership is simply defined as the ability to impact people to obtain a certain goal or accomplishment. In any type of business or corporation, leadership is an overall activity that is only distinctive among people within an organization. Uncertainty is a variation that come with a leadership role. This variation makes a leader a quick thinker and values his or hers goals. There are four different types of leadership approaches. The first style would be considered the most used. Level five Hierarchy involves five steps starting from highly capable individual trafficking its way to level five; executive. A lot of companies today use this type of style keeping employees in-house. This can cause a better environment for employees and the successfulness of one’s business. These leaders develop a solid foundation from the ground up, so that when one leaves, the company can fill that position and continue to thrive. An inspirational quote by Martin Luther King Jr. says, “Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve.” This quote perfectly relates to leadership. Before a person becomes a leader, they must learn from other and learn to serve others before appreciating and leading. Within organizations, servant leaders operate on two different levels. One being for the fulfillment of their subordinates goals and needs while the other…
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