Different Types Of Leadership Styles

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Being an effective manager means knowing when to use the right management style. The six management styles are coaching, strategic, laissez- faire, bureaucratic, autocratic, and democratic. Managers have to perform many roles in an organization and knowing how they would handle difficult situations will depend on their style of management. The purpose of the paper is to understand a little about all the management styles and then which one best fits my personality and how it should be handled. Being able to be an effective Manager and knowing when to use it and how to handle a situation when it comes Background A management style is a method of leadership used by a manager. Managers should be able to adjust their style in any given situation. Throughout history, people have tried to say what makes a good leader. There are different types of leadership styles that would appear in any type of work environment. The first leadership style would be coaching. Coaching leaders are very effective in settings where performance or results need improvement. The coach would help the coaches realize and help them to see their full potential not by instructing or giving advice but by asking questions that will guide them to understand. They also help others to advance their skills and build strength, as well as provide a lot of guidance. The coaching leadership style is most effective when followers are more responsible, experienced, and agreeable. The second style would be strategic.
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