Different Types Of Managers Out Of The Workforce

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According to the O*NET site there are many different types of managers out in the workforce. I feel that one of the managers I 'd be best suited for Administrative Services. In specific, I 'd like to be a manger because I feel that I have developed leadership skills, I know when to delegate, I am detail oriented, I feel that I am well organized and I enjoy teaching and communicating with others and watching other them progress and doing well in their job. Many of the managers had similar qualities like both General Operations and Administrative Services Managers both plan direct and coordinate activities. (O*NET) I believe that I mostly fill the qualifications and that I would enjoy being either one. This position also sounded interesting to me. Requirements to be an Administrative Services Manager is someone who has a knowledge of technology since they 'll more than likely be working with computers, scanners and other devices. Also, they should have a knowledge of how to use software like Microsoft office products like Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, etc. Working with technology, I 'd have to be organized, to be able to access files quickly. I 'm also detail oriented, when working with specific files it is good to be able to to notice or pick out precise details. Other titles that an Administrative Manager may go as is Administrative Coordinator, Administrative Officer, Administrative Specialist, Business Administrator, Director of Operations, or Office Manager. (O*NET)
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