Different Types Of Parenting Styles

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Augustina Viyera
Composition 1
Katie Kelly If we look around and observe our everyday life we will notice that we see many different types of parenting styles. Many parents create their own parenting style based on important factors like culture, education, and religion. Generally there are two main types of parenting style proposed. These two styles seem alike but are very much different from each other. Strict parent and the not so strict parent. The two approaches towards parenting differ from each other and this is why. There are some parents who are strict and less responsive to their child’s needs. Those type of parents are more likely to spank their child rather than have a one on one discussion with their child on why they are being disciplined. Most of the time strict parents expect more from their child. Children that come from a strict home with strict parents usually have a less social competence because the lack of self-confidence. When we think of strict parents and strict homes most of us think of drill sergeants and boot camp. A drill sergeant is not a warm, fuzzy kind of guy, and he’s not going to inspire feelings of intimacy. But when his system works, his children will obey. Most strict parents don’t explain the reasons for their rules they just expect them to be followed. Strict parents don’t encourage the verbal give-and-take value. Strict parents expect for their orders to be obeyed without question. They often tend to control their…
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