Different Types Of Parenting Styles

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Research Paper
Maria Whitney
Western Kentucky University Abstract
As we all know each person is different. Each person is raised differently. So it is clear that since people are different from one another that their parenting styles will be different. But what parenting style is hurting one child’s development and well-being? For this assignment I read several articles about the different types of parenting styles and I have learned which type of parenting style helps or hurts a child’s development.
Research Paper

Parenting has changed over the years. Parents treat their children differently from other parents all around the world. Parents may believe that they are doing the best they can when raising their child but are their parenting styles hurting their child’s development? This paper will cover the different types of parenting styles and their advantages and disadvantages.
Parenting style: The effects on social and emotional development in children
Studies show that parents who are involved in their children’s lives help their children develop a more positive outlook on life and help develop a better educational guide for their children. A positive and supportive parenting style can help a child have a positive and healthy social and emotional self. The types of parenting styles could include authoritative parenting style. An authoritative style is a warming, structured, and setting expectations to their children and family. The social and emotional…
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