Different Types Of Probation And Probation

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There are many different types of probation in the court system. Summary probation is a type of is like a deferred sentence (Delisi, & Conis, 2013). Intensive supervised and unsupervised probation are two different types of probation. Intensive probation has many conditions to it and for more high-level types of criminals. Unsupervised probation has few if any conditions and is for more for low-level, first offenders (Delisi, & Conis, 2013). Automated probation also can be called banked probation. Federal probation is a probation that the U.S. Probation and Pretrial
Services System supervises. Federal probation is for supervising offenders during pretrial and post-adjudication phases (Delisi, & Conis, 2013). Sex- offender probation is just for sex offenders. The mental health probation is designed for offenders who have a mental illness. A change in probation associated the incorporation of boot camp plus intensive probation is associated with juvenile probation. School-based probation is dealing with juveniles in a school setting. Reparative probation has a restorative aspect.


The objective of this paper is to inform one on the many different types of probation, what they are used for , and who attends these courts. Some of these probations are easy to complete and others are long and hard to complete. It depends upon the crime that has been committed.
The probation that will be applied is depending upon the age of the…
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