Different Types Of Street Gangs

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This paper explores three different types of street gangs. These gangs are the Black Disciples, the Mongols, and the Bloods and the Crips. The paper talks about the activities that these gangs are involved in, and also covers at least three different topics for each gang. This paper also examines the information that people should know about these certain types of gangs. The paper covers background information of each of these gangs, criminal activities they are involved in, and the rise of them since the gang was created. By reading this paper you will learn of how many people are actually in each of these gangs and also where they can be found or located at around the world. All of the gangs explored in this paper are very dangerous, well organized, and sophisticated which makes them a bigger threat to society. Therefore by reading this paper you will be informed about these gangs and maybe can find a way to stop the violent crimes they commit because gang activity is on the rise and will be for a long time.


Street gangs

The citizens of America should be informed of the information of the most dangerous gangs in the world, they may be even closer to you then you think. Many of these gangs are very well organized and sophisticated which makes them a huge threat to our society, and people should be more informed about these gangs so they can try to stop their violent activities. In America there is about 33,000 street
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