Different Types Of Third Parties

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The Democrats have been able to push their agenda on America by creating a voter base that is able to utilize their increased free time from being supported by government social programs, and go out and influence others on these ideals. The Republican and independent voter, who typically vote for Republicans, do not have the same amount of time, due to contributing to society, to spread opposing viewpoints, or ideology to save the nation and prevent its destruction from within. This type of voter is known as the silent majority. The silent majority casts their vote electing Republican officials entrusting them to stand up for American culture and values. Unfortunately, more so in recent years under the Barack Obama administration, the Republican…show more content…
The main third parties are the Green Party, Libertarian Party, and Constitution Party. The Tea Party was the only third party that grew enough to be considered a competing political force against the dominate Republican and Democratic Party. Comprised of American conservatives, the Tea Party, also known as the Tea Party Movement, derived from Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) (founded by David and Charles Koch of Koch Industries) in the 1980s and the Tax Day protests in the 1990s. The first official website for a Tea Party organization,, was established in 2002. The Tea Party was in support of lowering the federal government debt, deficit, and taxes. They chose not to take a unified stance on social issues. The Tea Party Movement made the national scene in January 2009 when they began staging protests and rallies across the United States. The Republican Party establishment took notice, and in fear of losing control over part of their Republican voters to a new party, they swooped in and engulfed the Tea Party as one of its factions. Engulfing the Tea Party was accomplished by the Republican Party sending in one of its soldiers, Sarah Palin. Ms. Palin accomplished her mission by delivering speeches at some of the Tea Party Rallies and unifying them…show more content…
Even though it is not written in the U.S. Constitution for the United States to have political parties, a country having a multi-political party system is good. What it is supposed to do, in its truest sense, is keep the parties honest. A one-party system was attempted in the Confederate States after they seceded from the Union and it was a disaster. In the Confederate party, there were no competing interests. Whatever was decided by the party leaders, everyone had to go along with, whether the party leaders were right or wrong. The dominance of the new political party should create a multi-party system where the different parties are forced to compete with each other on who can make America
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