Different Types Of Treatments For Ptsd

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In this paper that I am writing, I will be discussing the different types of treatments for PTSD also knows as post-traumatic stress disorder. More in specifically I will be discussing PTSD in veterans who have been diagnosed already. A little history about PTSD is that it first began as a disorder people would acquire after coming back from certain wars in our history, and back then they really did not know that much about it. Living in this day and age there have been so many more studies, trials, and tests done and psychologists have come up with many ways to treat PTSD. But, just because we have the cures and treatments does not mean everyone is getting the treatment they need. Furthermore, I have selected three scholarly and peer reviewed articles from ProQuest that will ensure that my topic is adequately discussed about. The articles I have chosen also each have different key points and conclusions in each one. First I will discuss certain factors associated with PTSD and some of the outcomes on the nervous system. Next I will discuss a certain drug associated with the treatment of PTSD and the effectiveness of so called drug. And lastly, I will discuss the overall treatment for PTSD veteran victims and if the amount of treatment they get is enough. Articles My first article I have chosen to start off with is research done on the HRV or Heart Rate Variability of PTSD patients. This article was written by Gabriel Tan titled “Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and
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