Different Types of Art Forms

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In this essay, I will describe four different art forms. I will include painting,

dance, music, and theatre. The characteristics of each discipline will be listed along with

brief explanations of how each element is unique to the discipline.

Oils are one of the oldest forms of art expression. The oils are used most often

because of the ability of the artist to rework the piece because of a slow drying process.

An artist can use defined lines or softened shades to draw attention to a specific object.

The paint may be blended to soften a color, or the artist may choose to use a pronounced

brush stroke to intensify an object.

Water color is also used in painting to create a different type of painting

An artist uses
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Pantomime is used to act out dramatic

scenarios without using words. It is unique because it can also incorporate sign language.

Rhythm is also used in dance. It is related to all dance movements forming patterns with

or without music. Mise-en-scene is the environment formed for an audience. One must

be able to see the lifelike elements of a production.

Music is a unique form of art expression. A Cantata usually consists of one or

more solo artists and also an instrumental ensemble. The word cantata is was once

considered a piece that was sung. Most cantatas last around twenty five minutes and

include several different movements, including choruses, duets, or sometimes arias.

A Symphony is an orchestral composition. It is a large work that explores the

full range of the orchestral ensemble. There is a sequence of movements that takes the

listener on a journey of both fast and slow movements. Most symphonies last between

twenty five and forty five minutes.

Opera is considered a combination of the purest qualities of all the arts. Opera

combines drama and music into a single art form. It opera music is the most dominant

element. The addition of other elements such as scenery, plot, costumes, and the use of

the stage makes opera dramatically different from other art forms.

An Oratorio is a large scale composition. It is most often set to a narrative

biblical text. The story unfolds through a series of choruses, arias, duets,
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