Different Types of Branding and the Ways They Work

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Place Branding Place branding matters today because in a single global marketplace of instant global communications and increasingly widespread democracy, the opinions of populations count as much as the opinions of elites mattered in the past. Why Brand Places? As a consequence of expanding globalization, the need for place branding is more important than ever. It attracts investment, tourism, and is a valuable tool to create a reputable name for a specific place. Having a positive and powerful place brand is necessary to compete with other nations, states, regions and cities. Types of Brand Places Nation Brands: Nation Brands studies six verticals to determine the overall brand power of a specific country.…show more content…
But it also became a symbol of hope and freedom when people rebelled against what it stood for and tore it down in 1989; while the rest of the world watched. Few images since then can come close to portraying such historical change, one that will always be associated with the city of Berlin. Cities need to remember that even past ‘black marks' or mistakes can sometimes work to future advantages. If we want our cities to succeed, we also need to work on keeping the jobs in our cities safe and not just outsource overseas. This can be done through a concerted effort between business, community leaders, and municipal government – focusing on inward investment, growth, and development. While outsourcing may save money short term, the long-term economic effects can result in cities becoming proverbial ghost towns and eventually this translates into monetary losses for the entire
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