Different Types of Bullying

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Bullying comes in many different procedures, from dissing one another to physical bullying. It is all inappropriate actions that naturally happen. Bullying can result into life long negative effects. Everyone has a breaking point, bullying only rushes to hurting yourself or others. It’s a trail for being insecure and having lack of confidence. People are often neglecting how serious bullying is. Bullying occurs on regular basis. It generally starts off by a leader who later on tends to bring in friends for more entertainment. As a group they use bullying tactics to impress each other, since bullies become pleased from the attention they achieve from their classmates. By supporting and being with the sidelines of the bully only encourage them to keep going. The majority of classmates that laugh behind the victim’s’ back are only hurting the bully even if they aren’t directly participating. Instead of indirect participation, classmates should take action to stop bullying. The reason why I believe students bully their classmates is because they thrive on attention that they receive from their fellow peers. Wanting to feel powerful and popular is what makes the intimidation begin. Intimidators tend to bully in order to make themselves feel better. Bullies also tend to pick on students who are unpopular, physically weaker, and easily annoyed. Being unpopular is the simplest target to pick since the victim has no back to lean on to, someone to have his back. However
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