Different Types of Eating Disorders, Questions and Answers

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1. What are the different eating disorders discussed in your text? What disorders did you see exemplified in the documentary? If you did not see examples of some of the disorders, why do you suppose they were absent? The different eating disorders discussed in the text were Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and Binge Eating Disorder. With Anorexia, the person restricts what they eat so they don’t get fat. With Bulimia, the person eats a lot of food within a couple of hours (bingeing) and they then vomit or use laxatives to get the excessive food out (purging). And Binge Eating Disorder is where someone eats an excessive amount of food during short periods of time but they don’t purge, so they gain weight. In the documentary, Anorexia and Bulimia were exemplified, but not Binge Eating Disorder. I believe that Binge Eating was not in the film because the center was helping women who are suffering from major weight loss, which doesn’t happen with Binge Eating. Binge Eating has different effects than the other two disorders and the person suffering would need much different treatment. 2. What are the causes of eating disorders (based on what we discussed in class and what you read in your textbook)? Causes of eating disorders can include ego deficiencies, such as low self-control and low self-expectations, depression, and other biological factors such as lateral hypothalamus and ventromedial hypothalamus. There are other sociocultural causes, such as pressures from society
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