Essay on Different Types of English Spoken Throughout the World

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Language is an apparatus enabling people to interact with each other (Wright, 1999). Education, trade and economics all contribute to the development of a language, being globally recognised. Linguistics enables individuals to learn, teach and to develop their own unique dialect that would help them to communicate with people. Due to globalization, English is the only global language used internationally for economic, political and business reasons and no other languages can compete against it due to having military, economic and political power. Despite English as a global language, it diminishes minority languages, people however, choose to learn English as it provides greater employment opportunity, better understanding and communication amongst people.
The dialect of English has been ever growing since the time of colonisation. English was initiated by Anglo- Frisian dialect (Crystal, 2003). Due to British colonisation, the dialect of English has become a global language and other languages cannot compete with it (Rani, 2005). There are many types of English spoken around the world, for example: Australian English, American English and British English. This shows that powerful countries use the dialect of English, thus making the language influential. Powerful countries for instance America, has a great economic growth that impacts foreign countries economic growth. America also has its shares of conquests during WW1 and WW2 and taught many colonies the dialect,…