Different Types of Gothic Horror Essay

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In “The Judge’s House” written by Bram Stoker, the story takes place at an evil judge’s house that has hanged people, and a student named Malcomson is just staying there for a few days despite being warned not to. Strange occurrences begin with rats disturbing Malcomson while he is staying there but particularly a rat with red eyes sticks out to him. The rat with the red eyes would be in a hole behind a painting of the judge that is hung in the house, and sit in the same position as the judge in the painting. Little did Malcomson know those would be his last days alive since evil never fully dies. The judge comes back to life through the painting to hang Malcomson just like the others before him. Throughout “The Judge’s House” the four…show more content…
The rat is linked to the judge, for the stare of the rat Malcolmson imagines the gaze of the judge after seeing the painting of him. The rat being a double makes it be a menacing other by constantly repeating the same behavior to bother Malcomson every night, such as sitting in the same position and watching him. Lastly the element of transformation is shown at the end when the judge appears from the painting. As Malcomson sees that the painting is a portrait of the hanging judge, whose “face was strong and merciless, evil, crafty, and vindictive, with a sensual mouth, a hooked nose of ruddy colour, and shaped like the beak of a bird of prey”(Stoker 6). The rest of the face was a cadaverous colour,” and “the eyes were of peculiar brilliance and with a terribly malignant expression.” The eyes disturb Malcolm, for, in them, he sees “the very counterpart to the eyes of the great rat”(Stoker 6). They eyes of the great rat finally connect the pieces that the rat is the judge showing the last phase of the transformation leading to Malcolmson death. As the narrator says, “ From the painting, the judge now occupies the rooms “great high-backed carved oak chair” and wears his judicial robes and “a black cap,” which he dons at the stroke of midnight. Rising from his chair, the judge
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