Different Types of Lying

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Even though they know that it is morally and religiously incorrect, they do it all the time. Mothers lie to their children; children lie to their parents and students to their teachers. It is a huge part of people daily behavior. They do it for many reasons, like lying to gain certain things or lying to avoid responsibilities. For example, when a girl tells her friend she does not looks fat in her new dress but the truth she does, or when a wife tells her husband that she likes his new haircut, and the reality she does not. Also, people lie serious lies in more complicated situation; for example a witness lies about what he saw in the crime scene. Lying is usually telling a false statement with the intention that another person will believe what you have said is true (Mahon, 2008).
However, we must know that all lies are false statements, but not all false statements are lies. Sometimes a person says something untrue, but he believes it is true according to his memory, in this case he is not lying but he gave a false statement.
In another condition, saying false statements with additional conditions may not always be is telling a lie; for example making a false statement and adding some body language to make it clear that what you have said is not true. Like when I say I am from the Saudi royal family with a wink at the end indicates I am not serious. On the other hand, when I say I am from the Saudi royal family without any other additions,…
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