Different Types of Motivation Essay

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Types of motivation
1. Intrinsic motivation
Intrinsic motivation could be characterized as achieving an action for itself and for the joy in support. When an individual is intrinsically motivated that person does not act in light of outer prizes. Basically intrinsic motivated people doesn’t study for rewards such as awards, they study only for their interest (Ryan, 2000). On the other hand, this does not imply that intrinsically motivated people won't look for prizes. This just means that the prizes sometimes are not incredible enough to keep that person interested.
The intrinsic motivation benefits are numerous. Intrinsically motivated peoples are more eager to pursuer a task an undertaking on their own drive without outside pressure. There are some occasion’s intrinsically motivated people are not intent to do a task; this could be happened due to some personal problems. In these cases a little instigation may refocus these peoples.
Intrinsic motivation also has a number of disadvantages. Intrinsically motivated people sometime get caught up in their endeavors and lose a feeling of time. These people will ignore other important tasks, and not give themselves sufficient time to complete these other requirements.
Experts also suggest that mostly intrinsic motivated people are more creative than others. In work sceneries, efficiency can be improved by using extrinsic prizes such as bonuses, but the actual value of the work performed is influenced by intrinsic elements or…

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