Different Types of Motivation Essay

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Types of motivation 1. Intrinsic motivation Intrinsic motivation could be characterized as achieving an action for itself and for the joy in support. When an individual is intrinsically motivated that person does not act in light of outer prizes. Basically intrinsic motivated people doesn’t study for rewards such as awards, they study only for their interest (Ryan, 2000). On the other hand, this does not imply that intrinsically motivated people won't look for prizes. This just means that the prizes sometimes are not incredible enough to keep that person interested. The intrinsic motivation benefits are numerous. Intrinsically motivated peoples are more eager to pursuer a task an undertaking on their own drive without outside pressure.…show more content…
One of the main reasons is that student tend to examine their own motivations for engaging in something such as activity. Once they got reward by doing something, they focus on importance to the role of the strengthening in their conduct. Other reason is activities that firstly feel like play or fun can be changed into work or obligations at the point when fixed to an external prize. Extrinsic rewards could be most successful approach to motivating behavior of student, but researchers warned that they should be used with caution, mainly with children. Extrinsic motivation can be applied a student doesn’t have an interest of performing an activity or basic skills are requiring, but these rewards should be small and rewards to be given according to the performance of behavior. Motivational strategies for learning Learn from mistakes Kids, when they are little they make mistakes. They fall down at the first attempt to walk and parents give courage to get up and try gain. When they put their shirt on backwards, people smile and praise their independence. By doing this kids get more encouraged. At this age, the world teaches them the disappointment is merely a path of achievement. (Donaldson, 2013) These little mistakes show us that learning from our mistakes is one of the best ways to motivate our learning abilities. Maintain a positive attitude If you want to be a successful person you must have always
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