Different Types of Multiple Sclerosis

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MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS (MS), A RATHER dangerous and painful disease, is the apple of many medical researchers’ eyes today due to its many fascinating, yet strange, properties.
Dankidoodle News held an exclusive conference with many of the leading experts in MS, including Dr. David Krafterion, Dr. Nicole Montelego, Clarissa Moreyes M.D., and Dr. Alex Kneece.
As Dr. Krafterion, a leading expert in biology and what he calls ‘cheese-brains’ says, “Multiple Sclerosis is a neurological disease affecting the Central Nervous System, which are the nerves in the brain and spinal cord.”
Dr. Moreyes explained that MS’s main objective is to destroy the myelin sheath that insulates the axon of a nerve cell. This destruction of the myelin sheath is commonly known as demyelination, which will cause patches of rough, scarred tissue. From here the name Multiple Sclerosis was born, as ‘skleros’ in Greek means hard.
All four doctors agreed that Multiple Sclerosis is an auto-immune disorder, a condition in which the immune system will attack the body’s own cells. This is due to complications in Helper T-Cells, which facilitate the actions of the immune system and notifies it of invaders in the body. MS is classified as a common, complex disease – a disease caused by interactions between behavioural, environmental, genetic, and lifestyle factors. Quite a few diseases fall into this category, especially those with no cure, like Cancer, Diabetes, and Stroke.
There are 4 major types of MS, but
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