Different Types of Racial Discrimination Essay

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What is racism and does it still exist? According to Merriam Dictionary, racism is “a belief that is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.” Every day, many people experience the harsh act of racism in different forms such as: racial slurs, harassment, or through more obvious acts which are the effects of institutional racist practices. However, something really easy to pin point is that these acts divide into two forms, direct or indirect racist behavior. Direct racial discrimination, is the type of discrimination in which the person who is committing the act has no fear of the public knowing about it and those acts are usually more extreme …show more content…
In this research paper, I am going to name the 3 common form of racism and explain the meaning, give examples, and the consequences of several different acts of racism that happens on daily basis and our past. Also, the effects of those acts on individuals and society as a whole will be discussed to find some solutions to try to help to prevent these acts, or having a better understanding about them.
Racial stigma as an inherent and explicit act of racism: “The concept of racial stigma aims to the probe beneath the cognitive acts of individuals and investigates the structure of social relations within which those individuals operate” [1]. We believe the effects of racial stigma are mostly subtle, and they are deeply embedded in the expressive life of our nation and our narratives about its origins and destiny. For example, America is often said to be the nation of immigrants and a land of opportunities. However, one of the first things immigrants discover when they come to America is that African American is a stigmatized group. Also, another example is how cab drivers are to be afraid to stop for black men because they fear of getting robbed. So, cab drivers begin with the prior assumption that one racial group is more likely than another to harbor robbers. This leads to these inequalities, and these thoughts are most likely to be originated in
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