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DEAR COMISSIONER: Please find below the theories that are used in my approach to research. These theories are ones that are being consistently tested.
Research is done on an everyday basis. Big name companies research who to market their product to, clothing lines research who buys their clothes, and somewhere a college student is trying to find the right research for his first project in his new class. All of these scenarios have one thing in common: finding the right answer to a question or problem. The way one gets to that answer is all dependant on what type of research that
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This reasoning involves reading and reassessing data that has already been read and assessed. (Glaser 2009) Variables and the relationships between those variables are discovered and then noted.
AXIOMATIC REASONING: This type of reasoning is based on deductive reasoning. It is essentially the starting point to a deductive reasoning approach. It gives the researcher s an idea of how to begin their process. This process has a set of assumptions, all of which are assumed to be true. (Berg, Ireland, Mutchnick 2010)
KEY DIFFERENCES: While these four reasonings are similar, there are a few key differences between them. The biggest being how they begin. Deductive reasoning starts with a theory or hypothesis. Inductive reasoning starts after the information is collected. Grounded reasoning begins once inductive reasoning does, and axiomatic reasoning starts the deductive reasoning approach. Another key difference is the data that is collected in each one of the four reasonings. Inductive and grounded reasonings are based on data that has already been collected. This data is assessed and reassessed until a theory or hypothesis is proved. (Berg, Ireland, Mutchnick 2010) Deductive and axiomatic reasoning are the opposite. A theory or hypothesis is put to test and then the testing results are showcased in the results and findings.
No one theory has been proven to be better than the other. All theories start with a hypothesis, and then those

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