Different Types of Roomates

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Roommates Roommates Having trouble with your roommate? It is hard to get along with certain roommates especially if you both have different personalities. People can have many different types of roommates, which makes it complicated to know what type of personality he or she has. Roommates can be easy to live with, or very difficult; you just need to set boundaries. After reading this, it could help you decide what to do if you are stuck in a situation with these types of roommates. The Moocher What is a moocher? The perfect example of a moocher is shown above in image 1.This type of roommate is someone who always asks you for things, and doesn’t plan on repaying you for it. They would always eat you food and use your toothpaste and other necessities without asking or telling you. It is one of the worst kinds of roommates you can have. They would constantly forget their wallet when you go somewhere with them so they would not have to pay. It is one of those roommates you get annoyed with because they do not give you anything in return. Advantages There are not that many advantages to having a moocher as a roommate, but there are a few. One of the advantages is that moochers are successful because people are sheepish about confronting them. Moochers are very tricky and smart when they are trying to get something from somebody. They are usually nice to you when they are asking for money. One of the best qualities they have is that they do not stay up all night, so

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