Different Views On Insurance Plan

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There a many different views on insurance plan in the health field. There are positives and negatives, for both the patient/consumer and the physician/caregiver have them. If you are the consumer the positives that you could include would be affordable health care, set fees for care and the ability to choose your primary care physician. Choosing your primary care physician could potentially be a negative if the doctor you choose is not under the insurance plan you select, you could end up paying more or not being seen by what you believe to be an amazing physician. If the physician you select is not in the insurance plan, you run the risk of their services not being paid by the insurance company and it all has to come out of pocket. Another negative for the consumer with an insurance plan is the care they could receive. Depending on the doctor, your care could be based upon what that doctor office provides or the limitations the insurance companies have them under. You could receive care of less quality or your illness overlooked because some tests or treatments are not covered. When it comes to health care it is a very touchy subject because it affects so many lives. There are so many people dying from premature deaths due to little to any health care. President Obama decided in 2010 that he would fight for Universal health care called (ACA) Affordable care act to some “Obama Care”. There are many people today that are struggling just to pay the cost of living and their…

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