Different Views on Gun Control

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Gun Control is a big topic right now and this Op Ed paper will be on the very important topic of gun control. How the laws can be improved and how people think it should be solved. Some think that firearms should be banned altogether. Others think that improving the purchasing of guns and more strict laws will improve the gun violence problem. Better education of handling/safety of guns, better background checks and a test on your knowledge of the gun you are wanting to purchase is the best way to solve this problem. Some associations and anti gun groups believe that banning firearms will solve the problem. They think that taking firearms away completely will stop the shootings and stop all of the violence that guns cause. They say that gun control is not an option, it is a necessity. They mean that guns are not an option, they cause mass killings and people to become violent. Taking guns away is not going to solve any problems with gun violence. If criminals want a gun they will find a way around the ban and buy a firearm illegally. Taking firearms away would violate our second amendment rights taking away the ability to defend your home and your family.
Our current gun registration laws are not adequate for law enforcement. We should require guns to be registered and characterized in order to prevent and help solve crimes. The loopholes in our current gun regulations need to be eliminated. Readily accessible guns can cause accidents from children

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