Different Way Of Understanding State

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The term state incorporates a number of range of things, a assembly of institutions, a provincial unit, an instrument of oppression and coercion and the list goes on. There are different way of understanding State, The Idealistic approach is given by G.W.F. Hegel identifies the moments of social existence : THE FAMILY ,THE CIVIL SOCIETY AND THE STATE. He argued that in State there exist a universal altruism and it as an ethical community underpinned by mutual sympathy. But the biggest drawback of this approach is that it is uncritical in nature and by defining it ethical it could not distinguish between the institutions that are inside and outside the state. According to functionalist approach state focuses on role and functions of state institutions and its central function is the maintenance of the social order, and is being defined as a set of institutions that uphold order and deliver social stability.
According to Marxist, the state as typically unjust and suppressive in nature and defined it as a mechanism through which class conflict is ameliorated to ensure the long term survival of the capitalist system. The organizational view defines the state as the apparatus of the government in its broad sense, that is, as that of the set of institutions that are recognizably public in that they are responsible for the collective organization of social existence and are funded at the public expense.
1. The State is sovereign : It…
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