Different Ways And Ideas About Their Sexuality Essay

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Through-out America adolescents are exposed do many different ways and ideas about their sexuality. Looking back over the past many years, the views on sex have changed drastically. Those many years ago, sex was a private experience for married couples. This was an act of love between the married man and woman. This act of love they shared would then start their family. They gift of a small, sweet, lovable baby is what they had always dreamed of. They would paint a picture of how love was to be, one day at a time. The love they had for each other would build their lives together for worse or for better, through the good and the bad. This is a story my grandmother shared with me as I grew up. However as the years have passed, the act of love my grandmother spoke of, turned into something vastly different. In today’s generation, sex is openly accepted for both married people as well as the younger and older single adolescence. Social influence through generations of parental guidelines has changed the way in which parents teach their adolescence about sexual conduct. The approach many of our parents had and/or have towards their children’s sexual experiences is just one of the many. The adolescence’s parents have changed their views of the act of sex. Many of the parents were brought up in the time where “save yourself of marriage” was the going trend. They were to follow in their parents footsteps and marry as virgins, but now many of their views have changed to “be safe”

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