Different Ways Of Completing Tasks

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different ways of completing tasks hence they would differentiate how employees do their work. Different Approaches to Firms (Best Fit, Best Practice, Resource-Based View) There are three major approaches to HRM and project management which is widely used by organisations till today. The three approaches- Best Practice, Best Fit, Resource-Based View, have different ways of dealing with the way the business control and proceed with their daily business. Best Practice: This approach works in a selective-hiring way manner that the rules and regulations cannot be changed and will always be the same (Boxall and Purcell, 2011). The management here believes that implementing this would improve the overall performance of the firm as other firms might have been successful with this. A misunderstanding here is that the manager feels that whatever work in another firm in the same industry will work in theirs which might be wrong (Boxall and Purcell, 2011). Since both firms are holding different resources and working environment, the result of implementing this might not be successful. Employees might also resist change especially if they have been in the firm for years and they are so used to working under the old regulations and being successful. Some close-minded employees would resist if they feel that it would decrease their chances of being successful. Best Fit Approach: Best Fit is a little different from Best Practice as here; the management has
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