Different Ways Of Knowing Were Used

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Module 3.1 Think of a situation from your personal practice in which multiple ways of knowing were used. Completely describe the situation and discuss how the different ways of knowing were used or demonstrated. Use your readings to demonstrate your understanding, and to support your explanations of empirical, aesthetic, personal, and ethical knowledge. Describe your clinical situation and the ways of knowing that were used. In the nursing profession we are able to use multiple ways of knowing. We may not use them all at the same time and some more than the others, but we do use them. “Four fundamental patterns of knowing have been identified from an analysis of the conceptual and syntactical structure of nursing knowledge” (Reed & Crawford Shearer, 2012, p. 200). The four patterns of knowing include: empirical, esthetics, personal, and ethical. One night in the Emergency Department (ER) I was able to use all four patterns when caring for a patient. Mr. XYZ had come in for feeling “not him self”, weak, overall fatigued, and having minimal chest pain. Based on his symptoms we immediately begin a cardiac work up. Mr. XYZ was stable for the first hour or so he was there. I was in another room when my charge nurse came to get me and said I was needed in Mr. XYZ’s room. I immediately when in there to find him sitting up in bed, awake, with his heart rate on the monitor reading asystole. I locate his pulse and feel a very faint, but palpable pulse. As I am assessing him my
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