Different Weapons Used in World War II

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There were many weapons used in WWII. The most used gun in the war was the M1 Garand. In the beginning of the war, almost every soldier carried it. It was easy to use, maintain, and reload even if the person using it was inexperienced. The Soviet PPsh-41 was the second most used gun in the war. It was mainly used for short range attacks because it wasn’t very powerful or accurate. The Thompson Submachine gun was the third most used gun. The Allies used this gun mostly because of its stopping power and how fast it could shoot. The Thompson was not used much after the war because it weighed over 10 pounds The biggest gun used in the war was the Gustav. It aimed well and created holes 30 feet deep and 30 feet wide. It could be dismantled and shipped all over the world. It was made by Gustav Krupp. He was married to Berth Krupp and they owned the Krupp Company. He studied law and politics. After the war, he was charged with war crimes and later died in a car accident. The Gustav was blown up by the Germans after the war so the Russians couldn’t use it The Ak-47 rifle was the most dangerous gun used in the war. It was made by combining different types of automatic weapons and assault rifles. The man who thought of this idea was Mikhail Kalashnikov. He was born in 1919 and wanted to become a poet when he grew older. Things weren’t going well with poetry, so he joined the army in 1938. He became a good fighter and was promoted to general and was shot. While he was

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