Different types of Bullying Essay

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More than 160,000 students miss school every day, due to fear of attack or intimidation by other students, in other words getting bullied. Many of these students prefer to not say a thing. Ever wondered what it feels like? Majority of people know this occurs everywhere but just ignore it; not only that, some victims like to stay quiet due to fear. Based on case studies and statistics, there’s evidence to suggest that bullying can cause negative effects socially, emotionally, and physiologically on children. Types of Bullying There are many types of bullying one of them is cyber bullying. Cyber bullying had become very popular now and days. This type of bullying takes place on the internet, via text, or any multimedia device.…show more content…
Emotional bullying is when kids hurt others feeling. Lastly verbal bullying is when kids get bullied by words or foul language and get put down. All of these types of bullying bring damages to a kid physiologically. Kids get bullied in school a lot. Sometimes, they do not have the best clothes, or because they are not economically the same as others. Some get bullied because they are not as social as other kids and prefer to stay alone most of the time. Physical appearance meaning as in size, color, or ethnicity can cause a kid to get bullied in school also. What do these kids go through? They get pushed at in the hallways. They get named called in class with words such as “freak” or “lame”. Not only that, sometimes these kids aren’t allowed to sit in certain areas in the lunch tables or they would get teased at for just being there. The commonest type of bullying is general name calling, followed by being hit, threatened, or having rumors spread about one. Bullying is thought to be more prevalent among boys and the youngest pupils in a school (smith 1). What are the effects bullying cause in bullied kids’ lives? Causes and Effect Kids should go through bullying at some point in their life so they can become stronger human beings and learn that life is not always great, however, studies show that words from family members or other people can hurt them and scar them for life. “Words actually hurt” is a quote well

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